Website Creation – WordPress, What is it and why you need to know about it?

Website CreationAs promised, I will start a discussion of our 8 CORE areas with Website Creation and more specifically you will learn a bit about WordPress, I can almost guarantee if you have been trying to get in to Internet Marketing for any length of time the very first thing you hear about is WordPress and how it has made Internet Marketing a much easier business to be in than ever before.

The 3 main areas of Website Creation you need to become familiar with are,

  • Domain

  • Hosting

  • Content Management


Domain (short for Domain Name system) is a system of uniquely identifying your server on the internet. You can treat it similar to your phone number so your friends can reach you, similarly people for whom you are creating valuable content can find you easily based on the domain name as it is called in the Internet Marketing space.

So in essence the domain names are the first step in our Website Creation process as they help us have an easily identifiable name to be reached at. Domain’s used to be very costly just a few years back running to hundreds of dollars, but due to the advancement of technology you can now have your own domain for about $10 per year.

I will give access to video tutorials in this blog very soon on the basics of setting up your own Website that will help you in your Internet Marketing efforts.

The place I buy my domains, and while learning various techniques and implementing them managed to buy a few, is Name Cheap. They offer a very good service, are very nominal and make it easy to purchase and if need be sell your domains to a prospective buyer.


We now have a name to identify our web real estate, we go to the next step of Website Creation, which is Hosting. Hosting simply put enables the domain name you had created to be available on the World Wide Web a.k.a the Internet, so that people looking for the content you are creating can locate your Website and access all your valued offerings.

I use Hostgator for my hosting purposes, and they had been awesome, helping me out with the simplest of things when I just started, right down to notifying anything may potentially be an issue on your site in terms of unexpected intrusion, lots of traffic etc. Again as with the Domains, You can learn more about this in the videos pretty soon.

Content Management

Now the moment we have all been waiting for in the Website Creation process, drum roll, please, enter WordPress which is a content management system (CMS). What does that mean you may ask?

It gives us a platform where we can create content in various shape and form, like this blog, for example, is built on the WordPress platform. Similarly, you can create general affiliate web sites, squeeze pages, coupon sites, amazon review sites and the list goes on…. It is not the first CMS to be available, but it is the most user friendly option for the non teckie crowd and now has the proud honor of being the most used.

If so much information is out there why do you need to read more about WordPress?
I have mentioned in the previous post, knowing the fundamentals and basics are the key to best implementation possible in any area of business and life in general.

While you must have been sold on all the awesome plugins, themes, squeeze pages etc… if you really know how best to put them to use then you will make validated purchases and that is one my most important goal for this series of 8 CORE areas of Internet Marketing.

I bought a lot of these tools and wasted a whole lot of money, when you just have the intention and go unprepared for the battle winning is difficult, and that was my early part of Internet Marketing career.

Now I have blessed to work with people making a killing and learning from them and hence the focus on the mindset and strategies than the tools and techniques, this applies even to some area as obvious as Website Creation.

So my friend coming to WordPress it gives us a user friendly and very powerful way of creating our own real estate on the Internet and again you can learn more in the free videos coming soon on how to use the power of this incredible platform to the fullest extent possible.

Now just to get your appetite for WordPress the reason it is the most widely used tool for internet marketing purposes are

  • It is totally FREE.
  • It is very customizable.
  • It has a lot of software developers extending WordPress to create awesome plugins and themes than those available for any other CMS systems, these make your life and Website Creation easier and richer (literally !!). So, what are plugins and themes? Sorry got a bit excited !


  • Plugins ? These are programs / application’s which adds a set of feature to your blog / website and make it very powerful. They take the CMS side of things to a whole new level by automating a lot of tasks that are very important for an Internet Marketers day to day activities (like SEO, Link building etc., which you will be learning in detail down the line.)


  • Themes ? The WordPress themes give your blog / website the overall look and feel, as determined by the specific design, functionality and layout you have chosen. For this blog, I have used the Lexicon theme / Genesis framework from Studio press. The various awesome themes available help you take you website to a very professional looking level by doing the heavy lifting for you which few years back might have required you to hire a very highly paid designer.

So much for the basics of what WordPress is and what it can offer you. Now you have enough knowledge to handle any new plugin thrown at you and can decide if you really need this or can check if there may be a FREE option available which can solve this problem. I will get you the best of FREE plugins/themes and some awesome paid ones too which I use, and the purpose it serves…

My plan is to do one post per each of these CORE areas so you are up to speed at what are main areas you need to build your knowledge and skills on, today we had a look at Website Creation, The next in the series post will be about Product Creation.

Hope I gave you some good value here, and please do leave a comment so that I can serve you better every day.

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