Lessons Learnt From PETER GARETY during the warrior event 2012

Sriram Rajan with Peter Garety

Folks, here is another post, I was very happy to catch up with some of my mentors and people I have been learning from the last 4 months since starting this I.M journey. Seeing them in person though was a whole different experience. So I am writing a series of posts with people I spent some quality time with and the biggest takeaway from meeting them..                         … [Read more...]

Warrior Forum 2012 Event – Lessons Learnt – Part 1

This past weekend, March 10-11 2012, I attended my First Ever Intermarketing event, “Warrior Event in Raleigh, North Carolina”. To put it simply an eye opening and most likely a life changing event … Just wanted to write on things I learnt from some of the speakers The “BIG BOYS AND GIRLS” were among the friendliest, making some one starting out in the internet marketing … [Read more...]

My First Internet Marketing Event – Warrior Live Event 2012

Hi  everyone, My First Post and guess what it is all about a networking event..  Having started learning the Internet Marketing  ropes the last few months, the biggest lesson I had learned was finding great mentors , forming good relationships and having the serve others mentality is what the most important ingredients are  for long term success in this or for that matter … [Read more...]