Internet Marketing and the Power of Compounding!!!

Internet Marketing

Dear Reader, I am sure you have bought quite a bit of the latest jazzy software and plugins in your efforts to make money online on the premise that the simplest way to start becoming successful in Internet Marketing is to use the automated systems out there.

My friend I have got news, you have been lied to!!! You see not many products or coaching around actually focus on helping one to treat Internet marketing as building a true business. For anyone starting out it is indeed difficult to figure out especially when one has no clue about copywriting and after a few attempts using these latest tools and when especially things tend not to work as expected stop trying any more.

I have been guilty of the same and thankfully learnt a bit down the line after spending a few thousand dollars on Internet marketing products and hence want to warn you and more importantly prepare you on how to go about the business building aspects. It is a very sad situation, unfortunately, due to economy people are desperate to make quick money and instead they end up spending their hard earned savings and make their lives miserable…

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying all things we buy in the Internet marketing space are shiny objects. My premium wordpress theme here is an awesome buy and I love it for the ease of use and awesome looks, similarly we do need some valuable plugins to automate a few of the mundane tasks, but it knowing my market and how I can add more value will always be the key factor in determining the successof our Internet marketing efforts.

So what does the Power of Compounding have in common with Internet Marketing?

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.” Now let’s take this awesome power of compounding and see how it can change your Internet business as I like to call it. Let us keep it simple and take creating information products as an example, Say you have a target of creating a product (none of the mega launches, let’s just keep it a simple report or a set of videos for now) every 2 weeks and be consistent at that. In 3 month’s time we have 6 products that can be,

  • Sold for $$ :-), we all love it right.
  •  Given away free to build a list from your blog, face book and other social media sites.
  •  Given away free to build expert status so that people can start following you.
  •  Can be added as bonuses for other fellow marketer’s complimentary offer.

You can read about how to create a clear purpose of what you need to achieve in order to make money online.

If you are consistent, then it is even more powerful than compounding.

Awesome, you have read this far, now I am convinced you are going to consistent and are giving to the community and you will be able to start forming serious relationships, which will help each other in the long run.

In compounding investment per month stays the same and is so powerful, here the investment grows each time you add another product as you can always go back and sell your older products (providing there are still relevant to current Internet Marketing situation) and hope by now you understand the massive power of taking it small but consistent steps.

One more thing I want to mention is do not focus on the latest tools and techniques before having some set goals for your business, the simple reason they are meant to be to automate and implement our long term strategy and where most people fail is they try to implement the tools without checking if it’s fits to their overall plan.

Focus on improving your MARKETING skills, which is going to help you in the long run and then go about the automation part of things.

Well the first steps I am going to take to unleash this power of consistent, compounded efforts is creating consistent content and products that can help you. I am sure you can do the same in your Internet marketing efforts and start seeing consistent income and greater success in the days ahead.

I will be adding more relevant content on an ongoing basis as I am learning the ropes of trade and implementing it and will pass on both the success and failures.

By sincerely focusing on my efforts to move in to full time make money online ( oops I said it :-)), you are invited to get there as well, and I shall be glad to be a part of it.

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