Lessons Learnt From Charles and How To Get FREE Copies Of My First WSO!!

Hey Folks,

Hope you are doing great.  I am sure you must have viewed the video with Charles (if not please check in the posts below,  it was done during the warrior event from 2 weeks back),  Some more insights Charles gave during the conversations I would like to add here so you can benefit from his experience as a I.M superstar.


What is the biggest thing stopping one from succeding  as an online marketing

  • IT IS NOT, Lack of Skills OR Lack of Knowledge .
  • IT IS FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN, The first time we are doing this we are not really sure how the results will turn out, will people love it or hate it and that has been the primary reason for many awesome products  / services never see the daylight.
  • SO FOLKS JUST GO OUT AND DO IT, Will there be failures , OF COURSE. But there are no failures only lessons and we certainly have an asset that we can give away for free if need be to provide value to your prospects / buyers.
  • Also you can add it as a bonus your friends or your own next products.
  • JUST VISUALIZE you already have a succesful product and go for it, then the leverage builds up and you keep getting better and faster each time.
  • THANKS TO THOSE TIPS FROM CHARLES KIRKLAND, I am letting go of my unnecessary fear and putting out my first WSO this week , “WSO Treasure Hunt”. My good buddy and mentor , Bolaji O, “The Nocrasitnator”, helped me through the process and am very thankful for his time and efforts.
  • Also I have been Lucky the last few months to have learnt from Darren Monroe , Peter Garety , Charles Kirkland and Bolaji O on a very close group / 1-on-1 Level and  shall share all those awesomeness here after the product is launched.

I shall do a video on the product tommorow, It is essentially a simple system to fight the INFORMATION OVERLOAD and how it helped our group become more focused and achieve great results in the last 2 months.


For now please do comment on how having a system that helps you manage information overload and gain more FOCUS on your efforts do for you . I shall be happy to send out free copies to thank you for taking the  time to comment here..


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Sharing Knowledge, The best gift you can give :-)


  1. says

    Just saw your link in the skype group. Great that you got to meet Charles and get some some great info from him and then share it. Just keep rockin’ on!


  2. Winst says

    “IT IS FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN ” that has been my greatest problem.You know afraid to put in too much time and money and nothing happens But recently I have learned to research my market that will help answer most of my UNKNOWN .Thanks For the reassurance sriram.


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