8 CORE Areas of Internet Marketing and why you must focus only on these before doing anything else!!!

8 CORE Areas of Internet Marketing

You may have heard of the “Shiny Object Syndrome” / “Bright Shiny Object “in your daily Internet Marketing efforts. If you look up a dictionary for the meaning and translate it for our purposes here it will be something that goes like this, I can't focus even for a few days implementing my recent purchase without having to stop, look and then buy the next Shiny Object … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing and the Power of Compounding!!!

Internet Marketing

Dear Reader, I am sure you have bought quite a bit of the latest jazzy software and plugins in your efforts to make money online on the premise that the simplest way to start becoming successful in Internet Marketing is to use the automated systems out there. My friend I have got news, you have been lied to!!! You see not many products or coaching around actually focus on … [Read more...]

Thanks For The Motivation Folks ….

Hey Good People, Thanks for taking the time to post your valuable comments.  I want to appreciate your time and efforts whole heartedly as it means a lot to a first time product creator :-) I shall email the product as promised and please do take a look and leave me a feedback if and when you get a chance. Talk soon. Here is a short video introduction of the WSO... … [Read more...]