8 CORE Areas of Internet Marketing and why you must focus only on these before doing anything else!!!

8 CORE Areas of Internet Marketing

You may have heard of the “Shiny Object Syndrome” / “Bright Shiny Object “in your daily Internet Marketing efforts.

If you look up a dictionary for the meaning and translate it for our purposes here it will be something that goes like this,

I can’t focus even for a few days implementing my recent purchase without having to stop, look and then buy the next Shiny Object that promises instant riches. Have you ever been there? I have been there (un-intentionally of course!) and learnt a lot from that experience, hence I do not want any of you to fall victim to what is a very prevalent problem especially when you are in to Internet Marketing or the so called make money online space.

The 8 CORE Areas of Internet Marketing

There are few key skills we need to master in any business venture and Internet business is not anything different. Here I shall list the 8 items and we shall look in to in much detail as the days go by…

Of course you need not master all of them! Certainly the more you can learn and master from this list the better your business will be, but as long as you start from this list and keep progressing every day you should do very well for yourself. Ok here go the CORE areas,

      • Website Creation
      • Product Creation
      • Traffic
      • Sales Conversion
      • List building
      • Copywriting
      • Membership Sites
      • Affiliate Marketing

The 8 CORE areas of Internet Marketing vs. Tools and Technologies

I am sure you must have seen a while lot of products on offline, kindle, mobile marketing or any other fancy thing that comes our way , each and every of these are applications which cannot survive without the 8 CORE areas of Internet Marketing.

Of course how I can leave out face book, you tube, pinterest, twitter and the other social media opportunities available. If that was your question, that’s a good one to ask, these are tools which give us opportunities to implement the 8 CORE areas of Internet Marketing.

The only issue in buying products based on various technologies is that you should be able to implement it with the big picture in mind; otherwise you are sort of lost as the technology keeps changing every so often, the recent Facebook timeline change as an example. The moment you understand the CORE then you can use any / all of these options and go in to any type of implementation that may give you the best results.

Questions to ask and pitfalls to avoid before your next purchase

The biggest pitfall to avoid when you are just starting to make money online, irrespective of your niche is (we will talk more about niches and how to choose the best ones in a later post) how to apply the latest purchase of yours to the best effect. The key questions you have to ask before making the important Internet Marketing buying decisions are,

    • Can I use the product right now or latest this week? If not the product is going to be OLD and may not be very valuable.
    • How will this product fit in to the 8 CORE areas of Internet Marketing listed above
    • How will this product contribute to my ROI (Return On Investment)
    • How will this purchase impact my business today or this week, If I start to use it immediately

Hope the above post has given you some food for thought. Starting tomorrow we can go in to each of the CORE areas in to a good amount of detail, discuss the pros and cons where applicable and gain a fair understanding of how to build our Internet Marketing business in the best manner possible.

Before I let go of you please do have a look at these lessons learnt from Charles Kirkland, a brilliant marketer and a great person, who I was blessed to meet during the warrior event recently.

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